decorating for fall... need some advice

So Fall is now upon us and I have put out my fall decorations. Throughout the years, I have been given or bought decorations for my home. I love them all but I have decided I would like a change. I want a more sophisticated updated look around my home so it looks like two adults live there. Not that my decorations are bad but I just feel like I need an update. 

Here is what I have:

Keeping this! Found the printables at this site and there is pretty much one for each month!

What should I keep?
What should I throw out?
What should I replace the decorations with if I throw them out?
Any advice? Good websites?


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Emily Powell said...

I like all the pumpkins...maybe you could do like an all pumpkin theme and fall colors similar to all your wedding colors. The scarecrows kind of creep me out.