the life of a crossfitter

Crossfit has been a huge part of mine and Paul's life since May and although each day I get a little nervous before each workout, I still love it.

A friend of mine described it like this: Commonly I hear "oh you do Crossfit? It's expensive, what all do you get?" I say " you get a workout thats sure to push you to the limit, you get anxious before each wod and the sound of the timer at 3,2,1 is your new favorite sound. You get the feeling of accomplishment, you get coaches that truly believe in your strengths and motivate you through your weaknesses, but most importantly you get a family, a true overwhelming feeling of support, love and community. What you get is priceless."

Enough said!

But since I have enjoyed it so much, I have decided to start fitness sessions. I recently took pictures of our crossfit during a workout and I am also, very soon, going to take pictures at a competition. I want to start doing portrait sessions for competition teams.

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