Only a month away...

My brother is getting married in about a month!! That means there are lots of fun things going on involving the wedding, like the Wacky Pack shower for Kelly (my future sister-in-law!) and her bachelorette party!

First we had the Wacky Pack shower. The Wacky Pack is my mother's group of friends who have been friends since high school or even younger than that. They will always throw a shower for the other friend's daughter or son. You can see mine here.

Kelly and the Wacky Pack

The Wacky Pack

My mom, the beautiful bride, and my Nana... welcome to the family Kelly!

Next we had Kelly's bachelorette party in The Woodlands. It was a nautical theme and we had a blast. We surprised Kelly with a decorated hotel room and a lingerie party!

Get ready the wedding is less than a month!!!

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