Keep them in your prayers

Please pray for some family friends of ours. Early Thursday morning they lost their 16-month old baby boy, Elijah, because he drowned in a neighborhood lake. Elijah was outside with his grandfather who was getting the backseat of his truck ready to fit the car seat. Elijah wandered across the street, between two homes, and towards the lake. By the time his grandfather found him he had fallen in. His grandfather took him out and started CPR until the ambulance arrived.

His parents, Chrystal and JW, are really close family friends of ours. JW is Paul's best friend since they were children, he was Paul's best man in our wedding. They are about to go through some of the toughest months of their lives, so please keep them in your prayers.

Elijah was a happy, smiling baby and loved everyone. I loved being able to see that precious boy and we will all miss him. You might recognize him on some of my other posts because he was my first photography model.

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Kayla Lynn said...

oh my gosh, they will certainly be in my prayers!