July is here in full force...

We have been up to a lot lately over here.  Now let me think... where did I leave off?? Goodness so much has happened I can't think of what order these pictures need to go, what happened first? I can't believe the whole first month of my summer break is gone, I really hope the next month and a half go slow.

To begin... I'll start with my Stella and Dot party and my reunion with my college besties! Last weekend my friends from college, Emily, Jaclyn, and Ashley came into town (well Emily lives close so Jaclyn and Ashley came into town). On Friday I went to visit Emily and her husband and adorable baby girl. Georgia really put on a show for me until it was time to go to bed and then Emily and I were able to have girl talk. Since I was hosting the party the next day, I decided to go home instead of spending the night so I wasn't able to see Jac and Ash until the next day. The girls met me at Panera for lunch and then we headed over to my home for the party. It was a lot of fun and girl time at my house, poor Paul had to hide out with the cat in our bedroom.

party goodies!

Browsing the jewelry!

After cleaning up we went to Emily's for dinner, Georgia entertainment, a push up contest, our yearly birthday celebration, and slumber party!! I was so glad to see the girls and I can't wait until September for our next weekend trip!
and because she is cute!!

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Emily Powell said...

she is pretty cute huh? I can't wait until you and Paul have kids! I bet they'll have heads full of pretty dark hair!