catching up on crafts

I realized I needed to have more than one catch up post about what all we have been doing. Here is all the crafting, organizing, resale/antique shopping I have been doing. I love finding me a new antique mall to roam through for hours.

Last week, my mom and I went to an antique mall and I got some great finds, two galvanized pie tins to make this (still need one more), another old suitcase for portrait use and to do this once I get more, and an adorable helm! I just love the helm, not sure if I will leave it as is or paint and distress it.

We went to another home decor place and Pottery barn and found some great things. Later in the week I went to Hobby Lobby and found that they too share my nautical obsession... I did refrain from buying the nautical stuff though because it wasn't on my list. But look how cute!

Then after things settled from the party the first weekend of July, I was able to accomplish some organizing and crafting. I first wanted to do something like this tutorial. But of course after getting down my keepsakes box I decided I wanted little books for all different types of cards.
So I split all my cards into different sections and got to work. I didn't go as elaborate as the tutorial but I believe they turned out good enough for my purposes. She was a lot more detailed than me.
All I did was bought multiple different colors of card stock paper and then cut each one in half, these were to be the front and back covers. Then I put two hole punches in the side and then start hole punching the cards.
I bought rings in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby and these held the books together. I started with 1 inch rings but some of the groupings I had to use 1.5 inch rings. 
I think they turned out okay. I am glad I can add to them when needed and I can always look back at them when I would like instead of digging through the keepsakes bins. Now I just need to actually do it for our wedding cards haha!

In the spirit if organization I got an idea from Emily. While I was over at her house, we started to look at all the books she made online and printed. In the back of the books she cut out a little pocket made of scrapbook paper and hot glued it down to the back of the books to hold tickets or other items from that trip or event.
So to keep my organization going I got all my books out (I have begun to only make books instead of print pictures, I use iPhoto on my Mac to make these) and started going through old tickets and such and stacked them on top of the appropriate book. I then got a ton of different, durable scrapbook paper and starting cutting.
Let me say this, it is a lot harder to get the scrapbook paper to stay down than you think. Some of my books are soft-cover and I think if they were hard-cover it would have been better.
But they turned out alright, they are supposed to be perfect, I just want them there to hold all the items. I love memories and this is a better way to organize them.
the details of the book

the bigger picture!

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Emily Powell said...

I kind of envy your free time and lack of a child sometimes ;)