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Paul and I have been really busy lately. He has class this summer that is taking up most of his time and I am taking real estate classes and trying to find time to do extra crafts, clean house, run errands, etc. We needed a break from it all. So this Friday I decided to call it a date night in.

I bought pretty flowers and had wine ready for him when he got home.

I cooked a paleo recipe: "breaded" baked chicken with green beans and sweet potato fries.

The next day we did our Crossfit workout and then relaxed/homework/chores around the house. Then that night I had a "girl's night in" with some of my friends and we had craft night!! We had a blast and got some simple crafts done... or some of us did, a few got distracted.

I perfected fabric flowers, I really like how they turned out. I can't wait to do more!
 I did another craft but it is a present for someone so I can't show it to y'all just yet.

Sunday was a relaxing day as well. We went to church, the store and then came home for more of homework/chores around the house. I was able to squeeze in one craft.

A while ago I posted about the way I organized my jewelry. Well, I needed to take one of the frames out and put corks in it instead to hang the earrings I had with backings. So I completed that today (above). Now I can finally get all my jewelry out of my linen closet and reorganize that.

Then I also made Paleo chocolate chip cookies. Recipe found here.

A little different but they were good. Something to snack on... a treat for our Paleo lifestyle.

Now the week is getting started so we will all be busy. Have a great week!

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Rorie said...

Love the corks, such a cute idea!

Emily Powell said...

just get used to never slows down. I wish it did!