first summer craft

Over the past two weeks of summer I have been a very busy lady. Summer is supposed to be relaxing and calm but since I love to keep busy, I am always finding something to keep my entertained. Well yesterday was the first day all summer when I could actually find time to do something for me that wasn't work, or getting a real estate license, or trying to start my photography business... a craft! Yes, I know that can seem like work to some but it calms me and keeps me happy.

So I created these! With more detailed instructions here.

First I bought paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby along with other essentials like paint. Then I painted each of my letters/numbers with the black primer paint. I used a 1, 3, and C for my letters. I am going to use the numbers for photos shoots, especially the 1 and 3 for class of 2013 seniors.
Yes I did the one backwards... on accident. I came back and did the other side. Make sure you don't make the same mistake... waste of paint and time.

After letting this dry fully, I painted on a coat of silver. Next time, I really need to get these coats a little thicker because I needed to go back and go over a few spots because too much black was showing through for my taste. 

Letting the silver dry, I then put a little bit of rust color (I mixed two different colors to make a rust color a little darker) on the edges and bumps sporadically.

(Didn't get a pictures here, opps!)

After letting the rust color dry*, go over the letters again with the silver paint.

*(Make sure with each coat you let it dry before putting on the next. I had this problem with the next coat because of the rust and silver. Just keep in mind it shouldn't be all the way dry because it does need to mix a bit just not turn your silver into a brown mess.)

Rub in or take off extra paint to make it run together. This part was kind of a feel and determined by your taste and expected outcome. You can make it however you want.
before the silver paint dried

Then you have the finished product... make sure you let it dry a bit before you judge your outcome.
All my letters!!

I loved how they turned out and it was a pretty easy project, now I just need to do this effect to all the other numbers I am missing!

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Emily Powell said...

I love how these turned out! They could be super cute in a boys nursery!

Rorie said...

Those turned out soo perfectly! Love the look!

Lori said...

Love them! They look JUST like metal!!

Megan said...