beginning the paleo diet

Recently, Paul and I started working out at a local Crossfit. We have been going for a little over a month and we love it. I can already see results and I am getting stronger. Since school let out, I have also been trying to switch to a Paleo lifestyle, which is pretty much eating like a caveman. Lean meats, healthy carbs, and healthy fats. This is a hard way to eat because it doesn't allow processed foods and goes back to how people used to live with a simpler way of eating. A more natural way of eating that our body was designed for.

Those of you who know me know I don't eat fruits and veggies... yes, I know this is bad and, quite frankly, its dangerous to my health. So this is why I have decided to start slowing transferring over to Paleo. Once I am used to the lifestyle, it will not just be a fad diet for me. It will be a lifestyle change.

Here is what I have been eating lately (no, I have not been sticking with a totally strict Paleo lifestyle, but I am getting there):
fruit and veggie and protein smoothie

venison pan sausage and two eggs

oven roast and salad... yes I know ranch and cheese are not allowed but I am working my way there.

turkey bacon and two eggs

my new Paleo cookbook

I am no expert in this lifestyle yet but with my Crossfit coaches guidance and Paul doing it as well, I believe we can have a healthy lifestyle.

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