The weekends go by way too fast

Ugh, why don't weekends just slow down and take their time? I really need these weekends to go by slow because Paul is done with school for the semester now and that means he won't be studying. But as soon as my school year is over, his summer semester begins so we will have less time. So we are taking advantage of these next three weekends.

This weekend was a pretty lazy one. There was so much on my to-do list but I didn't ever cross them off. Oh well!! Friday, we went to a wedding for two good friends. It was so pretty but it was bad weather and it rained for a small part of the outdoor ceremony. They looked so happy though and I'm so happy for them!

Saturday we went golfing... Paul golfed and I rode around in the cart! It was a beautiful day, nice and cool, and he did a great job. No good pictures today though, too many migraines in one day to look good at all haha!

Sunday was Mother's Day and we had dinner with my parents and Nana. I love to hang out with them and it was fun catching up.

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