last week of April photo challenge

Since April ended on a Monday I decided to just include a week and two days in the last post. It was fun doing this challenge but since I am forgetful, I don't think I could do one every month. But I do want to try and do a 365 challenge. Maybe for our second year of marriage or something!

Here is the first postweek oneweek two, and week three.

22. the last thing you bought
a cross made out of newspaper, perfect for a Journalism teacher (me!)

23. vegetable
my hubby's dinner, very healthy

24. something you're grateful for
my wonderful and amazing husband

25. looking down
Love this outfit. My feet look so far away and small haha!

26. black and white
my new hair cut, about 9 inches off!

27. somewhere you went
not the right date but I tried haha... Shogun's

28. 1 p.m.
again not the right date but close... I made these for Paul's birthday

29. circle
my plate at Shogun's

30. something that makes you sad
Shattered Lives is happening at my school May 1st and 2nd. If you don't know what this is, it is a day where the seniors and juniors participate in a "wreck" caused by drunk driving. Also, every 15 minutes a heartbeat comes over the loud speaker and a student is taken out of class by the grim reaper. This teaches them about the results of a drunk driving accident and what would happen to those taken to jail, the hospital, or the morgue.

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DaisyGirl said...

You did it!! chopped it off!!!...And it looks SOOO cute!!!!!

Ashley Raven said...

A. LOVE your hair! Super super cute! You can just pull off anything. B. Love your sandals...I bought the same ones in blue and after seeing yours I think I'm going back to get white! C. Grim Reeper?!? Creeper. Seriously that gave my creepy chills. Miss you Malox!