A gift for Georgia

My college roommate, sorority sister, and really close friend from college, had a little girl a year ago! Georgia turned one recently and she is absolutely adorable. For her birthday I made her a gift that didn't cost much and was fun to make. It was also personalized because I asked Emily to send me her favorite 4 pictures of Georgia.

My parents built a log cabin recently on their "farm" (not really sure what to call it... ranch?), and the windows came with these wood-window-pane-looking-things and they didn't want to put it on. So I decided to take a few of them and try to make frames out of them.
first I sanded it down and stained it (its at the bottom), need to let it sit for a few days... in my case a couples weeks before I got around to getting to the next part

next I spray painted the frame white

then, I sanded it down to show some of the stain through and make it look antique

all the supplies I needed: frame, pictures, scrapbook paper (the colors in Georgia's room, but of course you can use any colors you would like), craft scissors, mod podge, wood glue, foam board (cut to size)

After cutting the foam board to size, I marked the frame so I could see how big the scrapbook paper had to be. Then I cut the paper to size (just a little bit bigger because it wasn't a big deal to overlap). Then I glued the paper and the pictures to the spaces.

Then I glued the wood frame into place with wood glue and let it sit for about 2 days. I placed it upside down and put some things on it to make sure it stuck really good.

Final product!!!
You can see it better here.

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Marian said...

Looks amazing! Way to go! Martha better watch out;)

Emily Powell said...

I love it! It's in her room right now :)

Ashley Raven said...

I LOVE it! So cute Meg. You are so creative!