Book Review: Catching Fire

by Suzanne Collins

"Catching Fire" starts off just where "The Hunger Games" stopped. Or maybe a little bit after but it still tells background of the story just in case there was something you forgot. 
This book moves along really well and it has lots of twists and turns so you never really know what is going to end up happening, which I love. 
The characters go through a lot of changes throughout the book and you can see that they grow closer and closer as you turn the pages. I am still not sure which team I am on (Team Peeta or Team Gale). I just think Katniss doesn't know what she wants and there is more to her, and this book, than just romance. 
This book is a great and east read. The chapter always ends with a bang and you just can't seem to stop, you have to keep flipping. I have a little bit of OCD and have to come to the perfect stopping place either between chapters or when a new sentence starts at the top of the page. Otherwise I would forget where I stopped. But with book I just keep flipping, before you know it, I have read over half the book and I still can't put it down. 
The arena was a well-crafted time bomb and it was fun to figure it out with the characters. The ending was a big twist and I am not sure I really understand what happened (because there are so many characters and I just can't get them all right), but I have heard the third one answers most of the questions the reader might have from the second.


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Shoshanah said...

I remember reading the ending for this over and over trying to figure out just what happened. But you are right, it does all get explained in the first few pages of Mockingjay. Although I can't imagine what it was like for those who read the books as they were published and had to wait so long to finally understand it all.