and if we are the body...

This weekend was great!!! Went by way to fast though, this is what happens as Summer gets closer and school is nearing its end for the year. 

Friday Paul and I had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then went to see "Think Like a Man"... HILARIOUS!!! We were laughing so hard I thought the people in front of us were going to get annoyed and then I realized they were laughing just as loud. I really enjoyed the comedy and it made for a great date night. Women and men alike will enjoy this one because it has that romance that women love and the great one liners that men love. Kevin Hart is great to watch.

Saturday morning we got up and went to our first Crossfit workout! Oh my goodness, this was a tough one. As I am writing this on Sunday morning, I am the most sore I have ever been my entire life. I can barely walk. But I loved it and I believe I am going to start a membership!!!

Saturday night we saw Casting Crowns in concert with Matthew West, Royal Tailor, and Lindsay McCaul. It was a great concert and we had a great time with our friends Chrystal and JW.

Casting Crown's "if we are the body"

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