I'm all grown up now...

...because I paid off my car! My first big purchase as an adult was to buy a car. I loved my car but I knew (since it was always in the shop) I needed something else. I purchased a car and put a small down payment on it (from savings and from trading in my old car). I wanted the interest paid in to be small so I went with a 3-year loan hoping to pay it off way before that. Well, that part didn't happen but I did pay the bill each month and was able to pay it off a few months early!!!

Now that I am free of car payments, Paul and I decided to continue acting like we don't have that extra money. We are going to use that as extra savings to buy a "mom" car for me in a few years (Paul will drive my current car for work and he soon we will buy a Jeep from the money he got from selling his truck).

Lately we have been reading Dave Ramsey's books and we are starting to live our lives with no debt. Our goal is to only be paying a house payment and have most of our income going towards retirement, future children, emergency funds, and etc.

It has been a hard adventure for us but I believe it will pay off in the end. It might take a few months for us to get in the swing of things (and finally finish the book) but like Ramsey says "Live like no one now, so you can live like no one later."

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