Hopping through the forest

I love Easter weekend, it is always a great weekend to be outside and be with family... and I get Good Friday off!

On Friday, my mom and I went and bought some more flowers for my flower beds. We re-potted a few plants and then pulled some old ones up. This project was my favorite:
We bought a galvanized bucket and got Paul to drill some holes in it. Then planted some great flowers in it. This will go in a bed that was between our sidewalk and the driveway and it was such a small area nothing would grow so I decided to just put this instead.

Friday night, Paul and I met some friends at Main Event, where you can bowl, play pool, play laser tag, and play arcade games. We had a great time besides the fact that I stepped in gum while playing laser tag (even though there is a rule not to chew gum while playing... and just the fact that it makes no sense to spit gum out in major public areas like malls, school, laser tag arena, etc.)

Saturday I finished up in the yard and hung my first hummingbird feeder. Can't wait for them to find it. Then we headed to Paul's family's lake house. We did some upkeep around the house and then decorated Easter eggs.
mowing the yard

playing with bugs

little Maci

celebrating Bryson's 1st birthday

decorating eggs

the eggs we made for each other

Sunday was Easter! I had an hunt all ready for Paul. I laid out 12 eggs and in each egg there was a strip of paper where I had typed a reason why I loved him!

After church, we headed over to my parent's house and had a lunch with some of my family. It was nice to hang out with everyone and chat.

cousins fishing

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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