the great hair debate of 2012

Ever since I can remember, I had a long hair. Or at least the majority of the time I had long hair. Long might not be loooong but it was quite a few inches past my shoulders. I have always loved hairstyles that are long and wavy but my hair is not quite long enough to have this effect:

My hair kind of comes to a stopping point and I just can't get it any further. Usually in my life, I cut my hair when I have a major change and then grow it out maybe a year later.

In college

After graduating college

Growing it out for the wedding

So now that I am married, I am ready for a change... and I just can't ever get the energy in the morning to fix my hair besides ponytails and buns (not a favorite... to well anyone). I think if my hair is a good short style (not just the growing it out awkward style) then maybe I could bring myself to fix it more and actually be able to manage it. With long hair, it takes time and is hard to manage. I just want something that looks good and is easy to fix in different ways.

Here are some pictures I have found on Pinterest:

with less bangs though, I'm not good with hair in my face, it begins to bother me

HELP ME! What cut should I do? Keep it long or cut it short...

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Ashley Raven said...

I took the very first picture to my hair stylist when I got my hair done! Obsessed with her hair! Meg you have the best hair and its so versatile. I vote for the second to last pic....the profile pic of the blond. LOVE it!

Mrs. Brandy De La Cruz said...

I say cut it. I'm always a fan of short hair. I just cut mind and I love it!!!

Meghan said...

I just cut mine from boob length to just below my shoulders, it's long enough to still put in a pony if I want, but it's short enough where it's not constantly in my face, I vote cut it :D

Emily Powell said...

well...I'm out numbered here. Obviously, I'm partial to long hair. I just can't have mine short...I just can't. I don't think I have it in me. I like yours long but it's cute short too! It's a win win :)

Megan said...

Thanks for all the comments, I am leaning more and more towards short... we will see!

DaisyGirl said...

I used to always have long hair but I chopped mine off, got tired of it, let it grow back out and then chopped it off again after Christmas. Long hair is nice, it's pretty and versatile...but nothing beats an easy wash and do!! I'm not good with hair at all...but I've learned that a good cut and a few products and it can look good!! It feels so much better too!!

Good luck deciding!!!!