Book Review: Decision Points

Decision Points
by: George W. Bush

*I am sure some of you don't like President Bush, but I do. Please do not leave negative comments on my blog, I will erase them.
*I am not a political expert and sometimes I get things wrong.
*Yes, I know he had plenty of editors editing the book before it was published, but I still believe this book is well-written and educated.

First I am going to start by saying, I was barely in high school when President George W. Bush took office in 2000, but if I had been able to vote I would have. I mean who wouldn't have voted for the Governor of Texas! This book is a recollection of the main decisions he made throughout his lifetime. Each chapter is a new decision and the book is not in chronological order. I believe this shows how everything ties together and things don't just happen and then end.
Throughout the book, President Bush makes some really funny comments and I find myself laughing out loud... which is okay when I am reading in bed, not okay reading in public, like for instance, at the gym. I never knew how witty the President is. His mom is also a character and she entertains me with her one-liners.
There were many decisions, which he talks about in the book, I never knew about while they were happening. I blame the media. Yes, I did go to school for Journalism and I do teach high school Journalism, but the media is bias and not objective even though we are taught to be objective and show all sides of the story. I also blame the media for giving the president such a hard time during the end of his presidency. I also blame myself for not knowing because I tend to not watch the news. I believe this would have helped me.
I was a sophomore in high school getting ready after 1st period drill team when I heard the news that America was under attack on 9/11. Now that I am a high school teacher and some of the students don't even remember what was happening to them when 9/11 happened worries me. 9/11 was such an important day in our history and I hope that it lasts and people remember. And I am one of those people who supported the war. No I don't want people to die but I believe helping their country, helped our country's security.
I do love to read what happened during the decision making process and the outcomes many Americans might not have known about. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were helpful and I hope the governments there continue to grow.
Reading about the things President Bush was trying to do but were stopped at Congress were interesting to learn about as well. It is crazy how there are so many things one president can accomplish and then you realize that there were more things they tried to accomplish but just weren't brought to fruition. Of course, this does not reflect a president by themselves. I believe the president is a part of a government that works together, although sometimes it seems like the president is taking the blame or credit for everything. When a president can recognize others who helped during a good time and take the complete blame in the bad times, that is a good leader.
This book was inspirational and educational. It really put everything out there for the public to know and give them the tools to judge for themselves. I love that President Bush also told the readers what he did wrong and what he should have changed. He knew he was carrying a great weight on his shoulders.
Overall, great read!

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Nichole said...

Good review! I haven't read it and I always thought I wasn't a fan of Bush (still not sure) but my husband always backed him up (I mean not like he knows George W or anything lol!) and said Bush was a terrible public speaker and that was why he was cast so negatively in the media. I doubt we'll ever know why, but I liked how objective you were. Thanks! I may need to read

Heather said...

I think I really need to read this one!

Pink and Green Moms said...

This book has been on my (really long) list since it came out. Can't wait to read it!