my 1st and 2nd portrait sessions

So recently I have expanded my photography skills and started taking portraits for children. I have only done two sessions so far for Paul's best friend's son, Elijah, but they have turned out pretty good and I think I am going to start taking pictures of babies and families on the side while teaching... maybe expand into more later.

The first session I took for Elijah was a little after he turned six months old (okay he was more like seven months but they represented his six month portraits). It was a cold December day and it was a little cloudy so it made for good lighting. We went by some old buildings downtown and then went out to a park to play on a quilt and my brother's old radio flyer.

Elijah's second session happened earlier this week. I was hoping for it to be a little cool because it has just rained the whole weekend before but we were not in luck. We started out on some train tracks (after a man stopped and asked if we were okay... I love Texas gentlemen, so nice). Then we went to a nearby barn where Elijah sat an amazing old wooden trough and the tin barn was a great backdrop. We use another background for the setting of the cake smashing and Elijah had a blast.

I love photographing children because they are unpredictable yet easy to capture. They don't try to hard to look good, they are just that cute. Also, while editing the second session, I found Photoshop actions... this may seem lame because I should know about these things by now but I am a little behind the times. They are the most amazing things (even though my computer may think they are not because it seems to slow down a lot when I am using them)!!

More to come, one day, on my photography life...

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Ashley Raven said...

I love the ones of him in his little cowboy top! You did good Meg!