Book Review: Chronicles of Narnia {The Last Battle}

Chronicles of Narnia
The Last Battle
by C.S. Lewis

The last book of the series was a great conclusion to the series. I really loved reading this book and loved the meaning behind it. The story showed through instead of the characters in the past books (which was great in those books). This really helped the reader follow the meaning behind the story.
This book really pulls the series together. This series is a great way to teach the bible story to young children. Also, as an adult it is great way to refresh your memory through a fairytale story with talking animals, dragons, and giants.
In this story we meet new characters and learn more about Narnia. The story mostly takes place in one place near a stable that holds a Aslan impersonator who is controlled by a Monkey and some soliders. Ha! That sounds really interesting in one sentence but in the book it makes sense... well maybe!
I hope you all read this series because it really is a magical way to bring yourself back down to when we were kids and things were as simple as you and fairytales.

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