Book Review: Chronicles of Narnia {The Silver Chair}

Chronicles of Narnia
The Silver Chair
by C.S. Lewis
I believe this to be my favorite so far of the series. The book was descriptive and detailed in all the right places. Only one (our world) character returns from the last books. It is written mostly from the point of view of Jill, a new character, who tries really hard to make herself seem better (or at least tougher) than anyone else. But she still falls to temptation every now and then.
I am still having a hard time though relate this to a book or story in the bible. But the moral of the story was a great one and I believe it really leads into the next book a lot (can't wait to read that one). The characters are fun to read about and you can see a little bit of you in each of them. This, in my opinion, helps you to realize where you can change and adjust things to become less selfish, more understanding, less negative, or more patient.
In this book, Aslan becomes a different character who stays out of the story for the majority but is there in spirt and helps guide the children in the right direction.
I can't wait for this one to come to the movie theatre. I read this in just a weekend (a little flying was helpful) but I couldn't put it down.

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