the making of a family binder

Recently, I knew I needed an organizing around the house because our house was a wreck after the wedding and all the wedding presents. So I found this! A detailed packet about making a command central binder.

I began putting together a "family binder" to stop the clutter on our kitchen bar where things hang out until we can get them done. This was just not a pretty sight when guests came over and the papers started getting piled up and we would forget they were there. Therefore, they would never get done which was why we put them there in the first place.

Inside the binder I split in to multiple sections where we can hold calendars, to-do lists, school information, shopping and grocery lists, and etc.

 I also used a .pdf of 12 months of organizing that will help to give a overall to-do list for the year.

Here is what mine looks like:

The family binder has really made an impact in our home life and I hope you all will think about making one as well.

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