Christmas in New York part 1

Immediately after school let out for winter break, Paul, mom, dad, Matt, Kelly (his girlfriend turned fiance), and I traveled to New York City for a Christmas vacation before Christmas day. We had a great time but I don't think I will be able to drag Paul back again.

The first day we walked around the city and got some lunch. On the way to the Empire State Building we stopped by Macy's and admired the decorations and were amazed by all the people.

Then we headed to the Empire State Building and did a video then went to the top. It was freezing and on one side we basically sprinted to the next corner to get out of the wind.
waiting in line

After the Empire State Building, we walked to Times Square and found a bar to get some drinks.

The next day Matt and Kelly met some of Kelly's friends for most of the day so Mom, Dad, Paul and I took a tour bus to multiple different stops throughout the city. The bus told us about the buildings and the areas throughout New York City. We saw the outside of the Ground Zero (took a trip later to see the inside). 

Paul making fun on the schedule Mom had us on.

Then took our first subway trip to Central Park to eventually meet the rest of our crew. We had a great time at a sandwich place and each of us had a slice (or two) of my mom's turkey on her sandwich.

After a late lunch, we met the Kelly and Matt and took a pedi-cab ride around Central Park. The pedi-cabs stopped at two places throughout Central Park... little did Kelly know there was a surprise for her at the first stop...

She said yes!!!!

Then we got back on the pedi-cabs and toured more of Central Park. Kelly couldn't control herself she was so excited, I don't know how she made it the rest of the ride!

Time for a little celebration! We went back to the hotel and got dressed up to eat at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. My brother loves his cooking and has always wanted to visit. We met some friends there, the Moons, and celebrated with them.

 We had so much more going on but I will have to tell you more later. Look for part 2 soon.

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