Book Review: Chronicles of Narnia {Prince Caspian}

Chronicles of Narnia
Prince Caspian
by C.S. Lewis

Many of you know this book because of the movie which came out a few years ago but this book is much different from the movie. The book and movie have the same storyline but the book has added information, which sometimes is unnecessary. But I may only think that because I have seen the movie. I have realized that the movie was more exciting but that is because they took liberties with the script to change the order of how things happened.
The story starts off with a quite different beginning most people wouldn't have know unless they read the book. Then the story gets started with the four kids traveling back to Narnia but how they find the dwarf to lead them to Caspian is completely different.
This book was good and had some great lessons about faith and sticking with God now matter how much you believe you are right and can do it on your own.
In Price Caspian, there is not another human species just the Telmarines. I mentioned that here in my last post. I am not sure how this happened to where they didn't explain how the other humans got into the world because there weren't supposed to be humans.
I do love this series so far, it makes me feel like a child again and it is a fun way to read God's story and I can't wait to read it to my children one day.

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Shoshanah said...

I read most of these back in elementary school and went back and reread them all again in college. My absolutely favorite Narnia book is The Silver Chair, I just hope they actually wind up making that movie!