the last few days in paradise

On Wednesday of our trip, we took a shuttle to the nature reserve and then continued on to Harrison's cave. I think the reserve was Paul's favorite part because of these little guys:
Yes we were that close to the monkeys. In Barbados there is no predators so the reserve was a like a zoo and there were animals everywhere.

This one didn't like Paul at all, you could see it in his eyes.

these monkeys were fighting!

So there is a story behind this one. Paul and I had started walking through the reserve away from the rest of the group and we came upon this guy sitting there with his arm rested on his hip staring off at something. We just watched him for a while because he didn't budge no matter how close we crept up to him. We were interested in what he was interested in. So I crept up to him so we could pass by him on the trail and when I was only inches from him, he turned around really fast and stared at me. When I thought he was going to jump on me, he turned and ran off. Then we saw what he was looking at:
Yes, cayman. They are like aligators but a lot smaller and they are not native to Barbados itself but they do live in the Caribbean area.

They fed all the animals while we were there. They feed them carrots and coconuts in a big hole. All the animals knew it was time to eat because before we saw the pile of food we saw all sorts of animals making their way to the area.

It was crazy to see so many different animals eating together and they didn't mind the huge crowd of people watching them. Yes, that is a deer but a very strange one.

 Then we headed to Harrison's Cave.
just a pretty flower

Haven't yet learned how to take pictures in cave yet but these are the shots I got.

The cave was dripping on us haha!

Later that night we headed to another one of the hotels in our hotel group to eat at the Italian restuarant and it was amazing. I had gnocchi for the first time and I have been craving it ever since. It was a beautiful, romantic night.

The next day we went on a catamaran. They stopped at two places in the ocean around the island. The first one was where we got to swim with the sea turtles and feed them! Then they served us lunch (which included an amazing version of mac and cheese that I loved) and we were able to swim around and walk the beach. At the second location, we got to swim and investigate ship wrecks.
I used this opportunity to wear my beach hat!!!

such clear water

That night we ate at the nice Bajan style restuarant at our hotel. Great automosphere but let me just say Bajan (Barbados style) food is not for me. Paul enjoyed it though.

Friday was our last day so we went souvenior shopping and relaxed by the beach and pool. That night we went to a local fish fry and met a lot of people from the states that were there. One of the couples were on their honeymoon (they were married the same day we were in California). We watched some of the locals dance around on stage, which was entertaining in a different way than you are thinking. Let's just say there were probably some drinks involved before they got on stage. There was a kid who dressed and danced like Michael Jackson.

Such a fun trip... wish we could go back.

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