finally getting around to some creative things

Earlier last year I talked about DIY projects I wanted to complete. This post included an idea I wanted to borrow to hang a cute frame in the guest room to hang pictures from it. (keep in mind, I started this post last summer and I forgot to post it, more to come later)

I started out with a frame from a flea market for $2.

Then I sanded it down and spray painted it in a green color that goes with the guest room.

After I applied a second coat of spray paint and let it dry, I cut some chicken wire and used a staple gun to attach it to the back.

After the project was completed (summer 2011), it sat in the room is was to be hung for a long time... blog post to come later for how it looks on the wall with pictures and such!
 I also did the same thing for jewelry but with hardware cloth on the back instead of chicken wire. Look!

not quite done with adding the jewelry, still figuring that out!

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