Book Review: Chronicles of Narnia {The Horse and His Boy}

Chronicles of Narnia
The Horse and His Boy
by C.S. Lewis

The third book in the Chronicles of Narnia series has not currently been made into a movie and who knows if it ever will be. This book doesn't have Lucy, Edmond, Susan, or Peter in it or at least they are not the center of the story. They are mentioned and do appear a few times towards the second half of the book.
This book is about a part of "Narnian" world that is not considered Narnia. It explains the life of a young boy who doesn't belong where he has been brought up. He takes an adventure with a talking horse who has been misplaced from Narnia. They meet some great and interesting characters along the way as well as themselves. They learn a lot about themselves and grow as individuals.
The one thing I am unsure of in this book is really how this links to the Narnia I thought existed. The Narnia explained in the second book is a land where there are no humans except the Kings and Queens. Although I haven't read the fifth book all the way through yet, in the movie it seems like the Talmarines were the first humans in the world described in this series. I am not sure if this is just because it isn't explained in the movie Prince Caspain but we will see when I recap that book next week.

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