Book Review: Chronicles of Narnia {The Magician's Nephew}

Chronicles of Narnia:
The Magician's Nephew
by C.S. Lewis

When Paul and I started dating, he told me about how much he loved the Chronicles of Narnia movies that have been coming out recently. After he mentioned this I realized I had read this books as a kid and loved the stories so I wanted to watch the movies. I LOVED THEM! I believe C.S. Lewis to be a great author and I love the way he tells the story of God.
For Christmas, Paul surprised me with the first two books of the series and I have already made it through the first one and half the second (the are only 200 pages). He also told me that the day he bought the books, he sat down and read the first one in 4 hours... never done that before! He loved the books and couldn't wait for me to read them so we could discuss it.
We are going to Barnes and Noble ASAP to get the rest of the seven books.

The Magician's Nephew is the first book in the series but it was written first. Look here and you can see the different orders of the series. (Paul and I believe that they make all the movies in the order of the publishing dates!)The first book I read basically tells you about how Narnia started. I can't go into any more detail about the book because it would give it away but it really helps to explain why things are the way the are in the books which have been made into movies so far.
The Magician's Nephew has a lot of background but it also has fun and exciting stories about Narnia and its beginning. This book is well written but it has a few old sayings that make me laugh!

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