Barbados getaway!

After our amazing and fun wedding, Paul and I left our friends and stayed at a local boutique hotel called Avia. It was modern and beautiful and there were chocolate covered strawberries and champage. Paul had called the hotel earlier and asked if they would decorate the room before we got there with rose petals and such. They responded with no so the day of the wedding he went to Kroger and bought real rose petals and stowed them in the overnight bag. When we walked into the room there were rose petals (although fake) from the door to the bed. I was so excited but Paul was confused because they had told them they wouldn't decorate for him. When I opened the overnight bag, there were the rose petals Paul bought. He was going to use them to decorate the room while I was in the shower for a surprise. Although he wasn't able to, it was still sweet. He is such a great husband!!!!

The next day we got up early and headed to the airport to travel to Barbados. We flew to Miami then to our final destination so it was a long day.
tired and ready to be there

there and happy... at midnight

our hotel room

our amazing view from the balcony

The first day, Paul and I had to meet with our travel agent and set up the excursions we wanted to do while there. Then we just relaxed and took advantage of the all-inclusive resort. We stayed at Almond Beach hotel chain and our hotel didn't have a beach at the time because of high tide so we took the shuttle to another one of the hotels and hung out by the beach.

After laying out by the beach we ate a late lunch and walked around the hotel. Since our hotel was an adult only hotel it was smaller and this one had more things to see so we took time while waiting for our shuttle to explore.

That first night we ate the great all-inclusive food at our hotel and then hung out by the beach and enjoyed our time relaxing.

The next day Paul and I woke up and had a great breakfast by the beach at the restaurant. Then we jumped on a jeep safari tour! It was sooooooo much fun and we were able to see the whole island. Of course it was no jeep tour without getting stuck! And of course there was rum punch!

It is funny to see cows with palm trees behind them. Also, they were not fenced in by tied up and the babies stayed next to the moms.

a blow hole

such a silly boy... acting out a scene from Lost!

The following day we took a shuttle bus to the Nature Reserve and the later to Harrison's cave. More to come on that next post!!

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