10/29/11 - Reception part 2

Second part of the reception post. Some of these pictures are from friends and my photographer.
mom and I

my best friend and I dancing it up!

my dad and his mom

dancing with my brother

it was getting hot in here

using some photo booth props!

look who caught it!! she caught it two weeks later at another wedding too!

yes, he slid in to get my garter!

love this picture!

and the one who is already engaged caught the garter

gotta love my nana!

singing happy birthday to Kelly

doing my favorite dance, the running man!

all my bridesmaids dancing with Paul

my one and only drink for the night, the girls thought i needed to calm my nerves haha!

get it mom!

he was her "pole"

YAY! We are done... except maybe a post of my favorite photo booth pics and the rehearsal dinner slideshow... now on to more things that need to be told but just haven't been said.

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Shellsea said...

Looks like tons of fun! I love the color of your bride maids dresses. Can I ask where you got your sash?

SimplyHeather said...

Ahh I love receptions! Looks like so much fun!


Tales of an HBS Wife said...

I absolutely love reception candids and yours are great. Looks like you had a fabulous time!