a new way to organize lessons

In the past all my lesson plans have been in big binders seperated by nine weeks. Well over the last three years, the rings have decided to give a little so therefore, binders would start coming apart and the papers would fall out. Also, it was harder because I would have to hole punch everything and the papers would start ripping.

Then I realized... there is a new Container Store in my area that is a shorter distance to travel than the one before! So yes, I went on the grand opening (hubby in tow) and bought some amazing things... some for the classroom, some because I just had to. I bought a clear bin that could fit sliding file folders in it and then 4 different colored file folders (representing each of the 4 nine weeks). I have slowly begun the process of re-organizing my lesson plans by unit or assignment to make it all in one place... something a little easier to take home in the summer if I actually decide to tweak and update my plans while on break...
the units/assignments

the completed project (almost)

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