book review: Going Rogue

Going Rogue: An American Life
by Sarah Palin
Going Rogue is an outstanding book and very informative. I was able to read the majority of this book while I was waiting for 3 hours at the DPS office to change my name on my driver's license. But it really made me feel like the time flew by. I have only read half of the book but it is so eye-opening and inspires so much American spirit.
Lets get real, things haven't been the best in the states lately. Things need to change and someone strong needs to get this done. After reading the book each night I hope and pray that we can have someone step in and take the states by the reins and lead them in the right direction.
This book is a great way to learn about the ins and outs of politics in an interesting way and it is a great insight into Palin's family and how she was raised. The insights she gives to the politics are blunt and hilarious and eye-opening.
Next on the list is George Bush's Decision Points. Anyone read it? Any other good political memoirs?

I am still making slow progress on this book but I loved it so much I have decided to wish list her other book on!! Being a journalist for a short period of time, her writing style really speaks to me. Sometimes it is a little unorganized but I think it has to do that so many things blend together in her daily life so it is hard to organize the different events.
She is outspoken and quirky and it makes for a good read and a funny read. She really tells it how it is and I don't think many people understand that that is not a bad thing. She stands in her ways and doesn't waver and again that is a good thing!
The different events she writes about are at times boring political stuff but she mixes in her quirky, blunt attitude and it makes the boring interesting. If you haven't read this book, you should!

Recently finished reading this book and loved every minute of it! Palin writes a blunt and opinionated message about her life, the campaign trail, and her views. She was criticized and looked down upon even for a year after the 2008 campaign as Republican VP choice. Her views are close to that of Ronald Reagan's and she constantly states her admiration for him. Bringing government down in size, helping Americans and not standing in their way, and protecting small businesses and their owners.
"Reagan's plan for growing our economy made common sense: reduce reliance of government by cutting taxes and putting more money into the hands of the people who earned it."
"Often it's not easy for politicians to explain to their constituents this process of 'creative destruction' with its booms and its busts, because more and more politicians prefer pandering instead. They complicate simple and sober truths, and make vague promises to get elected. It's easy to promise free medical care and chicken in ever pot. It's more difficult to explain how we're going to pay for it all and to explain why social programs that were supposed to help the poor have ended up hurting them, becoming unsustainable financial liabilities for all of us. Ronald Reagan was the last president to really explain this to us."
"When titles and personal power grabs are more important than fighting for the people, voters become discouraged and apathetic. Politics-as-usual continues, and the Reagan legacy cannot be revived."
I am among the Americans who would love to see the Reagan legacy revived and out government restored to what it used to be... smaller. Let the people decide what to do with their money which will end up helping all Americans no matter what "class" they are in.
Sorry for the political rant... hope you understand!

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Meghan said...

I loved Sarah Palin's books! Her other one is Heart of The Matter which is another great read, I have read George W's book as well and it was very well written I thought!