a special gift from dad to daughter

One day last week I walked into my house through the garage door. Instantly I smelled something like paint in my house. I was thinking why would anyone paint my house haha! Then I noticed a buffet table that was originally in my dining room was moved into the foyer. Then I walked into the kitchen and through the hallway connecting the kitchen and the dining room I saw that there was a new dining room table. At this time I didn't have a table so I was really excited to have a table to have nice family dinners!
I walked to the table and found a photo album and a journal. I opened the photo album and saw my dad standing by a fallen down tree. Next to it was labeled, 1st tree. I started crying because I realized my dad had cut down trees on the property he and my mom bought a couple years ago and he made the table and chairs out of the tree for our wedding gift.
In the journal I found that my dad had written down all the details throughout the 9 months that he had been working on making this table and chairs. He told the story of cutting down the trees, finding an artist to make  the table and chairs from his wood, taking the trees to the kiln, taking the wood to the table and chair artist, and the car accidents and burned down shops in the process. In the album he included as many pictures as possible telling the story of the table and I have decided to include pictures of us eating important meals at our family dining room table.
the first tree my dad cut down

at the kiln in Bastrop

the second tree my dad cut down

more from at the kiln

all done at the kiln

unloading at the chair and table artist in Wimberly

Dad fixing a tire from an accident with an 18-wheeler

making a chair

the amazing finished product

This is an amazing gift and I can't wait to pass down the story and the table and chairs to my family. Thanks Dad!

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tara said...

That has got to be the sweetest gift ever!!!!

brynn. said...

what a wonderful daddy you have! that is so special!!
and that table is beyond gorgeous!

Jaclyn Meeks said...

Smoothest table I have ever felt!! Such a sweet Daddy!! Now, quit blogging! You're on your honeymoon!!!

feiane (fe-yan) said...

congratulations on your wedding day!....

you have a sweet dad!.. looks like daddy's angel...


Shellsea said...

this is amazing. I almost cried and probably would have if I walked to my house to find that journal.