did you get lost in the corn maze?

A while ago, two of my best friends and I went through a corn maze in Lubbock, Texas. If you don't know what a corn maze is... a maze made cut through a corn field. 
It took us a lot of hot chocolate and about an hour and a half to make it through but it was a blast.

So when I was driving through town one day, I saw a sign that said Corn Maze and I nearly jumped out of my seat I was so excited. There is not much to do in town so when I find something like this I get really excited. This weekend I was able to make it through the maze with Paul!!!! A little different than in Lubbock but a lot of fun!

All throughout Texas there are plenty of these and y'all need to try them out!

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Laura Darling said...

I LOVE corn mazes! My boyfriend and I are going to one this afternoon and I can't wait!!