book review: The Help

The Help
by Kathryn Stockett

Most of you have heard all the rage about "The Help" and it is warranted. After picking up this book, I started to think it was going to be kind of slow but once the author introduced all the characters, I started to really get into and connect with each character. It is hard to relate to all of the characters because they are so specific but readers can connect because of the similarities of current events and attitudes.
The first two characters the reader is introduced to are what people in the 1960s in Jackson, Miss. call The Help. These two women work for white socialites who are too interested in what other people think of themselves than their children or the reputations of people they look down on. The next character, Miss Skeeter, is a white girl who just graduated from college and who doesn't understand the attitudes of white people towards the colored folk. These women begin to come together in a strange bond.
This book is one I don't want to put down. It will be a great read on the plane ride to my honeymoon!!!

This novel is one I can't seem to put down. If I have time to read for a just a minute I pick up the book and read at least a page. I just really can't wait to find out what happens in the end. I am only about 50 pages to the end but I wanted to link up to Book Club since I haven't in quite some time.
The Help is a well-written and well-researched book. Stockett did a great job of telling how it really was to live in this time period in Mississippi. She used many historical facts that made the audience really be able to place themselves in that time.
The characters are really struggling with the secrets and the problems in their individual lives as well as the life they lead when they are writing "Help". The strangest things happen to them throughout the book which makes it entertaining but also sad to read. As a reader, you can't decide, if you were to be put in their shoes, would you have done the same thing.
I can't wait to see how the ending is and then watch the movie. What did everyone else think of the movie?

The Help has been a great book! I really loved the way the characters ended up getting along so well in the end. They really stood together even though their lives were impacting greatly by the things they did.
The writer, Stockett, knew what she was writing about from experience and that showed in her writing. Although she does state that she took some liberties in her writing she did a great job with the factual information. She also told a great tale of friends and what friendship really means, no matter what color you are. These friendships can relate to today as well as back then.

Everyone must read this book, it gives you a great appreciation for life. I am now going to see the movie and I can't wait, hope it is as good as the book.

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it is a good and intriguing read :)

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