a weekend away with the girls

Yes that is right, the bachelorette party! Over Labor Day weekend, me and 4 friends got together in Port Aransas, Texas to celebrate my last few months as a single gal! 

On Saturday morning, one of my bridesmaids, Taylor, and I left to head that way. Once we got to the house I was surprised with a motorized golf cart decorated by the girls. The golf carts are rented for a 24-hour period and can be driven through the back roads and into the downtown area.

After we changed into our bathing suits, we head to the beach and the festivities began! They had a challenge book for my to complete before the end of the weekend so I completed a few at the beach. It was a perfect day and I loved just hanging out and talking to the girls.

That night we relaxed for a little bit and then headed to dinner. We have a great time at dinner and caught up (we all live in different cities). After dinner we headed to pretty much the only bar in town. There was a ton of people there, we were a little overwhelmed! It was a lot of fun and we were all able to spend a lot of time with just the girls (except the few creepers we had to ward off). We headed back to the house on the amazing golf cart and went to bed.

The next morning we made a great breakfast and stayed in pjs pretty much all day. That day we also opened up my lingerie. I love it all!!! We played this great game where we named the lingerie based on what it looks like and then wrote it all down, then the fiance picks out which ones he wants you to wear on the honeymoon based on only the names. I love that game!

The rest of the afternoon we headed into town and shopped around (not in the golf cart this time). We cooked fajitas that night and watched Rio for a great girls night in. I loved it so much and I am glad I go to see all my friends.

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