Book Review: Sarah's Key

Sarah's Key
by Tatiana De Rosnay

This is different than what I am used to but so far it is a great read. I can't seem to put it down so I have gotten through more than I usually would in a week. This book is set in France and told through two different points of view, one in current day and one in 1942. Yes, this book is about a tiny part of the Holocaust. There was a roundup in France in 1942 and now an American Journalist living in France is working on a article about its anniversary. I will not tell you more than that so I don't give it away.
The two characters go through so much and slowly their stories start to intertwine. I can't wait to see what happens in the end, they beginning is great and I know the ending will be great as well. All of you should pick up this book.

This is a powerful book! I love historical fiction and this is a great lesson to learn. It keeps you on the edge of your seat because it switches back and forth between the two points of views and you never know what will happen next. Now the main character has found out what happened to the girl from the round-up so the point of view will only be her's from now on. I am not sure I am going to like not hearing from both point of views because I believe that helped the reader relate to the characters more.
Those of you who love history this is definitely a book for you to read. The author paints a great picture of the hardships the people from the Holocaust went through. She also does a great job of making you feel like you are there and are a part of the book. You really feel for the characters.

I finally finished this amazing book (sorry for not posting last Friday)! This was an amazing tale of love, compassion, pain, and forgiveness. Although there were some slow parts toward the end, the ending was good. I do believe the ending could have been a little better and the book started off with a bang and lasted for a while but then tampered off. 
I think the characters are intriguing and they have so much to their personalities, so much pain and hurt. The novel was a little too sad for my liking but I did love reading it. I just think the author could have included a few more lighthearted moments. The characters just seemed so sad and their lives so painful. I just wanted to hug them.
I can't wait to see the movie!! I do suggest the book for all of you who love any type of historical fiction.

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Victoria said...

i read this last year, and it is one of my favorite reads. i love that it is historical fiction thrown in with fiction. i couldn't put it down either....they just made it into a movie too!

happy friday!

Megan said...

I thought I heard they made into a movie and I can't wait to see it!

DaisyGirl said...

I've heard this is really good but I was also told it was a bit disturbing. I'll be interested to hear what you think when finishing it. This is right up my alley in both genre and time period. So I'd like to read it.

A Babbling Brunette said...

I'm reading this now too! It is soooo good! I can't wait to see what happens in the end!

Sarah E. said...

I really want to read this one. I saw a preview of the movie and didn't know it was based on a book until it was suggested for book club.

Heather said...

I've heard this is a good one!