my life lately!

Teacher in-service began last Monday and I have been a busy girl. My room was finished by Friday at 4 though and I was really happy. I didn't want to come back up to school and complete my room so I was so happy to get that over with.

Because I was done, Paul and I got to spend lots of time together (because I school is starting for both of us, me teaching, him being taught during night classes!). We went golfing Saturday morning, hoping to get out of the heat but that didn't happen because by 8:30 it was already 90 degrees! But overall it was fun, Paul golfed and I drove the cart... I probably can't hit the ball for the life of me so I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of all the other players! I tried to putt a bit but it was so crowded there was not enough time. 

Saturday afternoon we went to swim at my parent's pool and then stuffed the invitation envelopes with my mom while watching the Houston Texans vs. the Saints!

A great last weekend before things get really crazy... school and less than 70 days until the wedding!!!

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