Book Review: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
by Chelsea Handler

This was such an easy read and so fun to read. I found myself laughing by myself and thinking wow, I am lame. But overall it was really hilarious. I have read her other books and she has grown throughout the years. She is still as funny as always but you can tell she is growing wiser. I love to hear about her dad, her new dog, the fact that she wants a dolphin in her condo, and her pranks she endlessly pulls on her boyfriend.
This was a great quick read for those of us who are still feeling like it is summer (though school is starting soon) because it is hotter than it has been all summer.

Hope you enjoy!

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Sarah E. said...

I adore Chelsea Handler!
Have you read the Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me book yet?? It's the best so far, imo!

Heather said...

I haven't read any of her books, but I need to!