my best friend's wedding, day 2

Here is the second installment of the feature of my best friend's wedding. Part 1 here.

On Friday of the wedding adventure, 33 of us took a shuttle to the base of the Beaver Creek mountain and took the chair lift up half way. We then took a long hike across the mountain to Beaver Lake. Only a small amount of us hiked the whole way but it was beautiful once we got there. The hike was fun but I was sore until we got back in Texas. Then we ran down the mountain, traveled back up the ski lift and ate lunch.

That night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was fun to rehearse and see how the wedding would go. Being the maid of honor for the first time, I was worried I wouldn't know what to do but it wasn't too hard. The rehearsal dinner was a lot of fun, we had a dinner at a steakhouse and grill in the Beaver Creek village. Jenny gave the bridesmaids our custom earrings from Merah and adorable clutches. Dave gave the groomsmen Louisville sluggers with their names and favorite team logo engraved on them. Then I had to make my speech. I was so nervous because this was a special thing for me, Jenny means so much to me, she is like the sister I never had. But it went really well except the fact that I was shaking so much!

Look for the next installment soon, I will be splitting the wedding day up.

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Wiz said...

Looks like a great rehearsal! My husband gave his groomsmen LS bats as well!