Book Review: Her Daughter's Dream

Her Daughter's Dream
by Francine Rivers

This is a great sequel and I have only been reading it for a short amount of time and I have sailed through it. I know I will finish it tomorrow on my plane ride! This book continues the story of the family in the first book. It goes through a daughter's life and then her daughter's life. I am hoping by the end of the book the family will have the mistakes they made righted. The mothers in this series have tried to change mistakes their mothers made but because of two extremes they have made rifts in their relationships. These books are told during the time of the World Wars and the Vietnam War.

I believe this book will help bring back the Christian aspect because of what happened to the daughter. She was lost and now she is found but has to deal with the mistakes she made.

Great series from a wonderful author!

This book keeps getting better. The ties back to God are getting stronger and teaching me so much more. Now that the daughter is older she is realizing how silly and naive she was when she was younger. She is also trying to bring her mother and grandmother back together and try to solve why they have always had problems. In the last section of the book it goes back and forth between the character's points of view. Although it is hard to follow a little bit, I love to read about what each character is feeling. Also, I have noticed that Francine Rivers write like she would be in a conversation. She breaks a few basic rules of writing but it works for her. Also, you have to keep up with the nicknames of people because she switches in between nicknames and real names during the different points of view.

This book is a great read and it helps you realize that even though you may be a Christian doesn't mean that bad things aren't going to happen to you.

I finally finished this book and it had a great ending... well I guess you could say that. All the issue between the mothers and daughters were solved even though it took a tragedy to do it. I am really glad I read this serious, it taught me a lot. I hope all of you would like to read it. Read my other posts about this book to see what it is all about.

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Heather said...

I just love Francine Rivers!