an organizing kick

Since I have been on summer break I have been on an organizing kick. I know, I should relax because it is summer and all but I have some many things to do on my to-do list that I just can't seem to relax (oh well maybe a little bit). I have slowly been doing projects around the house as well as organizing and making everything look picture perfect.

I reorganized my linen closet, although there are still a few changes that I need to make.  Also, I have updated my laundry room. Both are still a work in progress. Here is my inspiration:
this can be found here

Here is what I did.
Linen closet:
keep in mind I will be moving my jewelry (more on that below)

laundry room:

sign found at this Etsy shop!

To help free the clutter of the jewelry, I am using this as my inspiration:
found here

Also, this tutorial will be used this summer to make a great picture hanger.

I can't wait to do even more organizing and DIY projects. I have so many on my mind!

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Heather said...

What fun ideas! I need to organize everything in my house!

Rachel McPhillips said...

Super cute!!! I love organizing!

Marian said...

Really love LOVE the way you organized your jewelry!!!

Nicole said...

I was in an organizing kick at the beginning of summer, too!!! I did a few things but there isn't really much else I can do cause my place is so small! I can't wait till I have a house someday, I'll have so much fun organizing it!!!