my first flea market experience

Okay, I know that I should have gone to a flea market by now but I never have. I love resale shops, they are the best but now that I have been to a flea market, I am in love. My fiance and I went really quick through a really large one out by his mom's house and I found 2 out of the 4 things I needed:
A frame and two candlesticks (both for different projects). Each $2 a piece
This was a bonus, saw it on the way out and both my fiance and I wanted it. $6!

I spent a total of $12!!!! I love that! I can't wait until the next weekend I am free so I can find more. But in the mean time, I need 3 pie tins. I am using these with the candlesticks to make an amazing fruit tray! If anyone has any idea where I can find these, let me know!!

Oh and p.s. be expecting a lot of wedding, DIY, and book club posts this summer!

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Heather said...

What amazing finds!! What flea market did you go to?

Michelle said...

Amazing finds! What a bargain!

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Meg O. said...

Wow! You scored! Ok, I really need to go to one now.