a fabulous weekend!

This weekend was a great one. Paul and I ventured to Dallas to visit some friends and go to a wedding.

On Friday we drove in and then went to pick up my best friend's boyfriend and then went out to dinner. Also, we took some weird photos by a statue of a longhorn... don't ask!

Saturday was a jam-packed day. We woke up and had an amazing breakfast and then drove to Lake Texoma to go out on the boat with some friends. The six of us swam and tubed for most of the day but then it was time for Paul and I to get ready for the wedding so we had to drive back to Dallas.

We showed up at Hotel Palomar! Awesome! Just look at the room:

yes that is Paul hiding in the curtains

and the wonderful welcome bag!

Then of course the wedding, it was beautiful. Such a happy couple.
sorry bad lighting

Sunday, we had breakfast with another one of my best friends and then drove back home. I love visiting friends and I can't wait to go back up to go out on the lake!

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Katie Elizabeth said...

That hotel room is great! It's so modern and has really pretty decor. Looks like you had a nice weekend & lots of fun. i wanna try tubing so badly!

xo katie elizabeth

Rachel McPhillips said...

I want to live in that hotel. Just like the Suite Life... did I really just reference a Disney tv show.. yes I did.

Heather said...

Love the dress you wore to the wedding!

Meg O. said...

What a wonderful weekend! Love the pics of the hotel room. I wanna go tubing!!! Think my pregnant self could handle it?? lol