book review: Pure

Recently Rebecca St. James came to our church and sang. She was amazing, I had never really listened to her before. After the service, she was selling cds and books and such. I picked up a copy of "Pure".

It is now my new devotional which I will be reading for about 3 months. I am not normally good about reading every day but I think I will with this one.

This devotional is about what it means to be pure. A long time ago when I was just beginning high school, I attended a program at my church. "True love waits." Has any one heard of it? During this time, I decided to take the pledge to wait until marriage for love. So my decision to remain pure was a religious one at first.

Throughout high school, it was tough to stay pure not because of pressure but because of the way people looked at me and the things they said. Also, my friends, who lost their virginity in high school, were scared to tell me things.

After a few years, it was easy though. Everyone knew I was pure and would remain pure no matter what. It was just something my group of friends knew. (no, I didn't go around bragging about being sexually pure. rumors start, questions were asked and I was truthful about everything.)

Throughout college, I found some good friends who were also waiting until marriage and it felt good to have a tight circle of people who felt the same way I did.

But then it became something more. When I say it became something more, I mean it is more than just for remaining pure sexually, it is remaining pure in every aspect. I knew it was because I wanted to honor God, honor my body, but after a while it was because I wanted to save myself for the one I was meant to be with who has been patient and kind with me throughout our relationship. Also, it has helped me find who I am and what I believe in.

This book is about becoming pure within as well as pure sexually. It has taught me to be right with God throughly as well as getting everything in line with God's vision not just being "pure". It has taught me how to remain strong. And I know that I will feel great and whole when I finally get married to my fiance in less than 7 months!! He will have me as I am meant to be, God's child. And I know I will be pure throughout my relationship with God and my lifestyle.

I have learned so much through this book about what it takes me be truly pure. I have been pretty good about reading it consistently but I have learned that I need to really set a time apart and talk to God instead of just slipping him into my day.
Many things have been pointed out to me and have helped me grow as a Christian and grow stronger in my purity.
Great read!!!

I am loving my devotional! It gives me so much guidance about being pure in my life through God. Every young women should read this one. Being thankful, captivated, and dedicated to God is a struggle everyday because the world is trying to change who we are. But this devotional helps bring you back to God instead of being of the world.

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Emily P. said...

I do feel like we were the only little "bubble" of people who felt this way in college. It made it easier having people around that agreed with my choices.

Stay stong!!! ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Wow! You are amazing. This is a great post and I really admire you. This is something that you will really treasure for life.