he is turning 27 on the 27th

Happy Golden Birthday fiance!!!

Today is my fiance's 27th birthday! Boy is he getting old haha... just kidding. That means we are both the ages we will be when we get married, that makes the wedding seem so much closer. I just can't wait...

Dear Paul (insert pet name),

There are not enough words to explain the way I feel about you. You are my best friend, my boyfriend, my fiance, my future husband, our cat's playmate, a great uncle to your nephews, a great and devoted friend, a loving son, a great baseball and basketball player, a Celtics fanatic, and so much more.

These last few years together have flown but every minute has been worth it. I can't believe you were 24 when we met and went on our first date. I remember wondering what in the world I was going to get you for your birthday since we had just went on a date two weeks before. But we shared a great little snack (cheescake chimichangas... or however you spell that) at the track after your workout!

The older we get and the closer we become, I know I am in a for a wild and crazy ride with you! Although you get older, you still act like a child, cracking jokes and picking on me (in a fun way), but I love the fact that you have a child-like personality. Our future children will love you and you will be a great father.

Happy 27th birthday my love, I hope you enjoy your day and I can't wait to share the next 80 or so birthdays with you... I know that is a long time but it will be great with you by my side.

Love you,
(insert pet name)

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