Spring Break 2011

I have been stressed out to the max these past few weeks because the yearbook was due this past Monday and it is still not done. Not fun! Also, I ran out of space on Picasa so I decided to breakout my Photobucket from retirement and started downloading pictures, lots of pictures so it took me a while. But finally here is my post!

Friday, Paul and I drove to my parent's property to relax before we took our engagement pictures Saturday.

Saturday morning came and I was really nervous, I wanted our pictures to turn out perfect. Our photographer arrived and we got started. We took pictures all around my parent's property for about 2 hours or a little more. I began to have a blast. They are online but I can't put them on my blog yet but all of you will be getting an update soon.

Immediately after we were done with the pictures, we jumped in the car and drove down to Houston for the rodeo! We were so excited but were running a little late... we got there right on time.

Gary Allan was amazing! I love him! We missed a few of the events in the rodeo but we got there for the ending of it. We walked around the exhibits afterwards (the rodeo was early that afternoon) and took lots of pictures.

my dream table, bench, and chairs

yes that is my lovely fiance

Vince and Ashley

I have such a strange fiance

The rest of the week I worked in my yard and re-did my flower beds. Thanks to my dad, fiance, and mom (kind of haha) for helping me, I really couldn't have done it without y'all. More pictures to come later.

The second weekend Paul and I went to see the Rockets and Celtics play. I bought the tickets for Paul for Christmas this past year and he was really excited. I bought us matching Celtics shirts and we were among a huge amount of Celtics fans. It was fun to go but Boston lost.

Saturday was a good day of changing toilets and hanging out with family and UFC. This time we got a poster to go in the man cave/media room!!

More updates to come later, sorry for the absence.

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