my hard-working spring break!

Over spring break I had a long list of things I wanted to get done because it was really the only chance I had until this summer. I got a lot of little things done but one of the main things I was planning on doing was re-doing my landscaping in my front yard.

My house is about 5 years old now (even though it hasn't been a year yet since I moved in) but the landscaping was what the builders had put in. You know? The typical landscaping that isn't exactly what you want...


So I thought it would be easy to dig everything up to start over... I was wrong.

First we had to dig up all the plants. Some of them were kind of rotting and the inspector had told me it wasn't good to have tall bushes that close to the house. And the bush next to the garage would continue to scrap my car, no matter how much I trimmed them. 

After pulling everything up, except two of the small hedges to add them to the new one flower bed, we starting digging deeper. There was tons of clay under the very shallow mulch so we dug and dug and dug. When I say we I mean my dad, my fiance, and sometimes me!

In the end we dug around a foot in a half of clay up. We then put a mixture of sand and top soil to put in the clay's place. After spreading that out, I placed the new plants in their appropriate spots and then put the mulch in.

Here is how it all turned out:

I am not sure what these are (no tag at the store), but I love them!!!

Emily, you inspired me to have at least one gnome... if not more someday!

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Emily P. said...

looks good meg and YAY for the gnome.

Mrs. Brandy De La Cruz said...

Great job! Looks wonderful!

Michelle said...

It looks great! Good job!!

Marian said...

Looks great...and I don't think any house is complete without a gnome:)