book review: The Virgin Queen's Daughter

Ella March Chase, The Virgin Queen's Daughter

Ella March Chase creates a great story focusing on the belief some people had about Queen Elizabeth I's daughter or supposed daughter. The historical fiction writer took fact and fiction and mixed them together for a surprisingly well-written story. 

The story is great. I know this is not fact but it really makes the mind wonder what would happen if Queen Elizabeth had had a child with the late Queen Katherine Parr's husband.

If any of you like Tudor history, you need to read this book (among many others).

It was a overall a good book, I would only suggest it to those who love historical fiction books. In my opinion, they are good to read because they also teach you something. Although, the one was a little different because Queen Elizabeth did not have a daughter, but it was still interesting to see what would happen if she did. Also, I loved the love story. Back in this time, love was different than it is now and it always makes me curious to see how relationships will turn out.

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