What I have been up to lately

I have been a busy bee lately. Organizing and crafting! I love this new... era if you will. It is great to have something to do besides staring at the TV. Also, it is good because I feel like my life is less cluttered.

First I made this little thing:
It was so easy. I just bought a frame and some scrapbook, linen feeling paper. I got the idea from a blog I follow and I personalized it to have our future wedding date.

Then I made this:
Pretty easy, I just printed out the word on some linen paper and cut them out with an exacto knife. The I bought scrapbook paper that had the same colors in them. Each letter got its own paper. I am putting this in the guest room/future nursery room (long time from now).
It used this as inspiration:

And I organized this closet:
I love getting decorating magazines and catologues. I had a bin that I put them in next to my desk. I went through all the magazines and ripped out the pages where I liked the way the rooms were decorated. I bought lots of white binders and separated out the pages according to the room. Each room (mostly) got its own binder.

I put these binders in my craft/workout closet in the media room. Also, in the craft/workout closet I put any stationary items that were under my bed in drawers on the shelves.

Also, I organized my own bedroom closet:

Under my bed, I have drawers that hold most of my belongings. Since my dresser is full, I have decided to take give most of the dresser to me and my fiance will get the drawers under his side of the bed (he says he won't come with a lot). The stuff which was originally in my dresser will go under my bed on the side I sleep on and I will use the other drawers to organize or his stuff will be there.

Since I had to reorganize, I realized some of the stuff under the bed doesn't need to take up space because it is rarely used. I moved it into my closet in some plastic shelves.

I also am planning on hanging some of my purses and clutches on the wall above my shoes in the closet.

I know this is not a big deal, but I added this shelf to put in my coat closet so the shoes are better organized. I think it looks a lot better:

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Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Very cute! Great job on the organizing! Have a great day! xoxo

Sarah said...

Ooh! I love that "Love" picture frame thing! It is so cute! And yay for organizing!

Kim Elkins said...

Your closets make me feel like dropping everything and cleaning!

Megan said...

Thanks! I love organizing!